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Microblading 101
& Aftercare


3D Hairstrokes: Hand-tool or Machine used to create hair-like strokes.

Perfect option for someone who doesn't wear makeup normally and wants to achieve a natural, everyday look.

Ombre Brow: Machine tool used to shade in eyebrows creating a makeup-like, or "powder" look.

Perfect option for someone who normally shades in their brows with a pencil, pomade, or likes the "makeup look".

Combo Brow: Hand-tool used to create hair-like strokes and Machine tool used to shade in tail. 

Perfect for someone who wants a shaded brow with visible hairstrokes.


Most microblading procedures take 2.5 hours including filling out consent form and paperwork.


Results last up to 2 years after recommended 6-week touch up.



We do our best to provide a painless- minimal pain procedure.

Numbing Aesthetic is applied​ to ensure your comfort.

If you feel pain at any time, we can take a break from procedure and re-numb the area.


If you're interested in having tattoo correction made,

please book a microblading consultation before booking a microblading session.


The pigment immediately following the procedure will appear quite dark, and the skin underneath it will be red. After all, needles are used to cut into the skin, so it’s typical to experience some redness and sensitivity immediately following.

About 2 hours after microblading, you should run a cotton swab dipped in sterilized water over the area.

This will get rid of any excess dye on your brows. It will also keep the area sterile.

It takes anywhere from 7 to 14 days for the skin to begin to appear healed and for the pigment to fade to its intended shade.

  • Avoid getting the area wet for at least 7 days. This includes keeping your face dry during a shower.

  • Don’t wear makeup for at least a week. This is because the pigments are still settling into the shallow cuts in your skin caused by the blading.

  • Don’t pick at scabs, tug, or itch the eyebrow area.

  • Avoid saunas, swimming, and excessive sweating until the area is completely healed and you have a follow-up appointment.

  • Keep your hair away from your brow line.

  • Apply any medicated cream or healing balm provided by your technician as directed.

After your skin is fully healed, you’ll want to protect your microblading investment by taking care of your skin. Applying a sunscreen to the microbladed area may help prevent fading.

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